Shifting Paradigms

Shifting Paradigms

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got


Paradigm is another word for a belief or mindset. It’s a set of “rules” that does two things:

  • it establishes or defines your boundaries; and
  • shows you how to behave inside those boundaries

The way you see life shows your paradigms: they are the driving forces behind every decision you make and are responsible for how you present yourself to the world.

A paradigm shift occurs when a change in the mindset occurs. New paradigms develop when old (or current) beliefs no longer work for you.

One problem is that most, if not all your beliefs, are likely to have been formed by someone else—an idea that you adopted perhaps, then massaged and changed to make your own as you adjusted it to fit with other beliefs or experiences you already held.

What you may not be aware of is that the majority of these beliefs are below your conscious everyday level of operation and yet they determine your actions, just as surely as the day you drove to an appointment and realised on arrival that you really didn’t remember the process of driving there.

Health Paradigm

The current Western medical paradigm of the body is that of a machine. People speak of it “letting me down”, if something is wrong, it’s usually determined to be a bit of the machinery “gone wrong” and gets a pill or a replacement—a fix if you will.

What if it’s negative thoughts that have let your body down?

The Eastern medical paradigm views the body as a “garden”, a view that cellular biology is beginning to confirm. Nourishment of the body is not only the food we put in our mouths, but our thoughts, emotions and actions. All too often we allow negative self-talk free reign in our minds and, dare I say, our imagination.

Body as Garden
This diagram is copyright and used with the permission of Chinese Medicine Works

Our body’s natural remit is to heal. When we break a bone, we expect it to heal. When we cut a finger, we expect it to heal. We expect these things because we know from a lifetime of experience that this is what happens.

Unfortunately, when we are challenged by serious accident or illness we don’t have a lifetime of experience as to how our body will respond to this particular problem, so doubt creeps in and becomes an ever present subconscious—

  • Yes but. . . “The statistics aren’t good”
  • Yes but. . .”There’s no cure for …”
  • Yes but. . .”The doctor said I may never completely recover from this”
  • Yes but. . .”My x-rays show real physical damage”

Eventually worry and stress tightens the body causing further discomfort.

Give your body permission to heal!

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