EFT For Stress Relief

EFT For Stress Relief

Get rid of stress!

No Stress

“We don’t have any stress here” she said blithely, when I rang a large manufacturing company to ask about their Health and Well-being programmes for staff.

I have to admit it stopped me in my tracks momentarily.

No stress?” I asked, finding it hard to believe that this company had a workforce completely free of deadlines, frequent headaches or migraine, back pain, financial or family concerns.

It’s a fact that we don’t tend to think of the majority of our physical problems as stemming from the pressures of life we have come to cope with on a daily basis.

A Little Stress

A little pressure on the other hand, is good. It lifts us to perform a notch higher, faster, stronger.

We come to expect the little rush of adrenaline that can be just what we need to pour in the extra effort required to meet a report deadline, give a great speech, or achieve a new personal best whether it’s a morning run or on the golf course.

Good stress even has a name—eustress—defined as “moderate or normal psychological stress interpreted as being beneficial”.

Too Much Stress

On the other hand too much or prolonged stress will take it’s toll. Can you relate to any of these recognised effects of stress?

stress table

Unhealthy emotions such as anger, fear, worry and trauma are a major drain on our body’s immune system and eventually show up physically as one or more of the symptoms listed above, or even a more serious disease.

How Stress Happens

It is our emotional response to our perception of events—not the actual event itself—which causes most of our stress and sometimes, physical symptoms as well.

For example, are you often anxious about a looming deadline or stressed by the “feeling” of not having enough time?

This feeling indicates time pressure is the culprit, when it’s actually the feeling of not having enough time that is the real culprit. This feeling may then bring on anxiety, perhaps frustration and a sense of being overwhelmed.

Perhaps there is someone in your life whose habits irritate you, or with whom you are constantly at “loggerheads”. You become stressed, you can’t change them or make them “see reason”, no matter how hard you try. So you become angry and frustrated.

However you can change your responses with EFT so that you remain calm, confident and relaxed.

Often, without conscious choice, your mind replays responses automatically and you react with avoidance, rejection, anger, fear, stress, grief, guilt, worry, anxiety etc. Something happened to trigger that response and the mind recognises it’s relationship to a previous situation and replays the physical “feeling” response… runs the old program if you will.

Stress IS a Choice

Every day, you can CHOOSE to be happy or sad, stressed or relaxed, angry or calm.

If things are getting hectic you can ask yourself, “What can I do about it today, right now?” Sometimes, the answer really is “Nothing”. When that happens, you just try to go on about the business of taking care of what you CAN do, today, right now.

One of the choices you have is whether or not to stress about it.

For instance, if you are standing in line at the supermarket you can silently curse about the checkout person being slow and where else you need to be until you have worked yourself into a stressful state, OR you can choose to observe the people around you, review the purchases in your basket to make sure you have everything you came for, call someone who is expecting you to let them know you will be late, talk to a child or an old person.

Stress is a CHOICE!

Although it is a waste of energy to worry about both past and future events, it is human nature to do so. Plan and prioritize as best you can and then be easy on yourself. Never forget that laughter is the music of the soul.

What To Do About Stress

Feelings are like wavesAre you are increasingly exhausted as the things you used to enjoy about your life are submerged in a relentless flood of demands?

Stress can be another word for “lack of time”. It is often a scarcity belief. To clear the stress we need to get to the beliefs that fuel anxiety and other emotions associated with stress.

Oh, chances are you can justify it rationally—that’s the left brain at work, it’s job is to collect the data and details, connect them to past experiences and then project the possible outcomes either real or imagined—but you still might wish you could react differently and choose to:

  • Let go of the stress and anxiety that keeps your muscles taut, gives you the sick feeling in your stomach, aching shoulders, a sore neck or a migraine;
  • Get a good night’s sleep without worry about past or anticipated problems keeping you awake or being unable to fall asleep again easily after waking during the night;
  • Not get “hooked” into replaying old outdated emotional scenarios; or
  • Put the past in it’s place and let go of the debilitating emotions attached to those experiences.

Then give EFT a chance.

I’m convinced that more than 80 or 85 percent of our illnesses are simply the result of how we store and process stress

says Eric Robins MD, a Los Angeles urologist. Dr Robins is convinced that almost all functional and chronic disorders— including infections, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine headaches, hypertension, and chronic fatigue syndrome— are caused by stress.

I’ve found EFT to be particularly effective in clearing the physical manifestations of stress and past traumas, it’s the perfect complement to conventional medicine. Again and again I find that patients with chronic pain have unresolved emotional issues or anger that’s tied to past traumas. Stress and negative emotions aren’t just in our heads, they are stored in our bodies, often in skeletal or smooth muscles. It’s hard for blood to flow through chronically tensed muscles.”

Watch Dr Robins in the sidebar video!

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