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“For true success ask yourself these four questions: Why?
Why not?
Why not me?

Why not now?


Sometimes you get “stuck” no matter how well you’ve planned or worked for something, or how well you thought you had “moved on” from an emotional situation.

It is well known, for example, that our shifting emotions change the chemistry in our bodies, often dramatically, and thus affect our immune systems. Unhealthy emotions such as anger, fear and trauma are a major drain on our body’s immune system and can eventually show up physically as disease.

The outside world isn’t “doing it” to you. Rather, it is your own “inside job” – your reactions or thoughts – that is shaping your life and with new tools such as EFT you can once again resume control of the directions you take.

Properly applied, EFT helps over 80% of people achieve either noticeable improvement or complete cessation of the problem and – this is a conservative estimate – many practitioners would say 98% achieve relief. Why wouldn’t you? Another limiting belief may have just popped up.

The advantage of EFT is that the basics can be learned by almost anyone in a few minutes. You then have a tool that can be used any time, any place, to bring mental clarity and focus or relief from anxiety and debilitating physical pain. It’s fast and the results are often dramatic and long-lasting.

EFT can:

  • get beyond your unconscious blocks;
  • marshal your inner resources;
  • access your best resource states;
  • develop positive expectations;
  • neutralize the negative influences of the past; and
  • change your unwanted emotions, inner dialogue, and behaviour.

Perhaps you’ve pursued treatments only to find that methods you’ve tried so far get very little done and other healing methods tend to provide only temporary relief. The end result of all this can be a long term, expensive pursuit with unpredictable results.

Experience the EFT advantage for yourself—

  • It can be self applied;
  • Is easily learned by anyone;
  • No expensive drugs or equipment involved;
  • Often works where nothing else will; and
  • Is usually rapid, painless, long lasting and gentle.
Your success may literally be at your fingertips.

Could EFT help you?
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