About Vicki

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you”

I’m passionate about EFT because I see people literally transform before my eyes.

As one client said recently “I feel like laughing!” and I can assure you it was no laughing matter to begin with, it was simply the joyous release she felt.

In fact clients often remark how much lighter they feel after an EFT session because the “weight” just seems to drop away.

Although my clients have come seeking help with a very broad range of issues, I am particularly interested in helping those of you who  are looking for help with grief, intrusive and obsessive thinking, chronic pain, fear of the future, lack of energy and the multitude of other problems you deal with emotionally and physically through chronic illness, surgery and/or treatment.

I also specialize in addressing the effects of stress – at home, in relationships and in the workplace. Many times, that stress results in chronic pain and serious health problems to overcome.

As an advanced EFT practitioner in Adelaide, South Australia I offer personal consultations and, using EFT, problems that seem entrenched or insurmountable can melt away because they are viewed differently – a cognitive shift takes place.

EFT is also an invaluable tool for executives and employees whether involving peak performance, customer service, teamwork, conflict resolution or sales quotas.

My Commitment to Healing

I have been a hands-on healer (similar to Reiki and Therapeutic Touch) for over 20 years and volunteered on a weekly basis at a Healing Clinic in Adelaide for 7 years. Having worked with healing energies all that time, when I discovered EFT in late 2007 I understood it’s premise that “all negative emotion is a disruption in the body’s energy system”.

Subsequently I trained with Maggie Adkins, EFT Founding Master and studied all three sets of the Gary Craig EFT standardized training on DVD (140 hours), in fact I review these constantly for the wealth of information they contain. I opened my own EFT practice in June 2009.

I also spent 14 months as a volunteer EFT Practitioner for the Relaxation Centre attached to the Daw House Hospice where patients, staff, bereaved carers and other volunteer therapists at the Centre all found EFT to be beneficial. I was also invited to run an introductory EFT course for staff.

My Commitment to You

My commitment is to empower you, or perhaps someone you know, with a tool that can be used to regain peace, balance and forward momentum. In the process many old, redundant patterns are healed – mental and emotional difficulties dissolve and physical issues improve or disappear.

Empower is such a trendy word these days I hesitate to use it, however it is essential for you to feel that you are part of the healing process. Empowering you is the gift of EFT and in the process you can learn to:

  • Heal left over emotions of old wounds and fears
  • React how you’d like to – not to old patterns and triggers
  • Really understand your negative emotional responses to people and situations
  • Be centred, in peace, aware of self and of still mind
  • Create, manage and enforce your personal energy space
  • Stay balanced and confident
  • No more stress!!

And… make it all permanent!

By eliminating unwanted, self-sabotaging responses patterns you gain more control in your progress toward the level of joy, success and peace you desire—no matter what area of your life. It will be my privilege to help facilitate your progress.

Enjoy life as it can be… starting now!

Could EFT help you?
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